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    Since Year 2000, Opulent has been involved in providing solutions to the solid state lighting industries. Over the years, the infra-structure has been developing to meet the professional aspects of solid state lighting needs. From the basic printed circuit boards, we build Light Engines MCPCB, provide complete thermal solutions, assemble LEDs onto boards, and also manufacture the entire complete SSL product.

    In summary, our services or product offerings are:
    • Professional Services Dedicated to Solid State Lighting (from R&D & Design)
    • Comprehensive End to End Manufacturing Model
    • OEM and ODM Box Build Assembly
    • Thermal Solutions (from LED level till complete box build product)
    • Metal Clad Printed Circuit Board
    • Insulated Metal Substrate or Copper Clad Metal Laminates
    • Printed Circuit Boards

    In house, our R&D specialises in thermal design, optics, mechanical design, industrial design, electronics design, ASIC and PCB Engineering. Our R&D is backed by a host of software tools which is complimented by state of the art measuring, testing and validation equipment.

    Over the last 2 decades, Opulent has progressively developed and provided solutions to a variety of industries from Consumer Electronics to the Automotive Industries, Medical, IT and now Solid State Lighting.