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  • Our History

    Historically, in 1988 the company started with printed circuit board manufacturing. Progressively in the last 2 decades, Opulent venture into assembly and manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies to complete box build products. At the same time, research and development progressively went into areas of thermals, PCB andelectronics. All these have allowed Opulent to develop solutions that derives synergies for customers, vendors and partners.

    Synergy starts from inquiry till the product is delivered to the customer. Vertical integration creates synergy and it is derive from manufacturing laminates, printed circuit boards to thermal solutions, assembly of products and manufacturing box build products. The value of each adds value or creates synergy to all.  This so called value or synergies are being back by a good track record and a long history with many customers.

    We optimize our systems by engaging in end-to-end processes from design, manufacture, assembly and testing. We believe in delivering good quality and close the loop with a good traceability for all products manufactured with Opulent.

    We continue to strive to innovate and continuously improved our abilities and processes to create value for all our customers, our partners, and suppliers.

    Opulent’s solutions are based on years of continuous improvements and learned experiences in design and manufacturing. Good track record becomes a testimonial of Reliability and Trust.