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  • Our Management Team

    Opulent’s management team comprises pioneers and specialists in PCB, MCPCB, thermal solutions, PCBA to complete product manufacturing.

    Pioneering from printed circuit boards where the management members were the first generation PCB manufacturers or engineers whom set up the first PCB manufacturing in China. Opulent was an early entrant in solid state light and went on to develop insulated metal substrate in year 2000. In thermals, we own quite a number of patents or patent pending solutions.

    For more than 25 years, we have accumulated unmatched expertise and technological know-how that are required to handle the complex, high quality design, manufacture, assembly and testing. We are now able to view the challenges of our clients from an expert point of view, offering accurate analyses and targeted solutions.

    Our team keeps abreast of the new technologies and constantly innovate around these technologies to seek better solutions. Opulent continuously strives to bring the best innovations to our products and applications. We aim to be at the forefront of SSL solutions in order to serve our clients more and more effectively and also efficiently.