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By choosing us, you know you will have unmatched customer service. When working with us, you know you will have a sustainable manufacturing partner that can see you through every challenge and every success in the global marketplace.

Since 2002, Opulent Group has been earning the trust of our clients and playing a pivotal role in their success through our complex manufacturing solutions.

Our Services

From IMS, PCB, MCPCB to box build assembly and system integration, we have a robust record of accomplishment in manufacturing world-class products, some of which include automotive, medical and industrial-grade products.

  • engineering studies

    Technical Specification Analysis

  • Ideation & Design

  • Prototyping

  • Product Development

  • Manufacturing

International Locations

While our roots are firmly planted in Singapore, we have established international presence with facilities and site offices spanning across Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, Australia and Americas, boasting a staff strength of 500.

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia, Penang
  • China, Shenzhen
  • Hong Kong