Key Service Lines

engineering studies

Technical Specification Analysis

Your project at Opulent may begin with a study of the product's technical specifications. This crucial stage ensures that all complexities are dissected and analysed, and the right solutions are available for all technical constraints. We have on hand a team of professionals whose expertise lies in ensuring that all your technical requirements can be met by our manufacturing process.

Ideation & Design

With the detailed specifications readily available, we are able to help you conceptualise, conceive and design the schematic diagram of your product. Our team of designers will engineer your idea into a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) modelling, together with a list of components required for the finished product.


Our production of high-quality prototypes allows you to create a physical sample of your product quickly, which can be used to further evaluate its fit and function. A good prototype can improve product development cycle and reduce time-to-market. We possess a broad range of prototyping technologies and materials that enables you to validate your design effectively.

Product Development

At Opulent, we help you bring inspiring, next-generation products to market with our product development service. Apart from designing and prototyping, our experienced specialists and engineers can help you source for the appropriate materials and components according to your budgetary guidelines. Where necessary, our team can suggest changes to your design to further reduce cost or ensure scalability of production.


As our core competency, our manufacturing solution provides you with a broad spectrum of OEM and ODM capabilities. Our strength lies in delivering manufacturing solutions of high complexity that require strong engineering and technical proficiency.