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At Opulent, we were always fascinated by the goal of moving up the value chain as far as PCB manufacture is concerned. We therefore decided to focus on Thermal Management innovation in order to cater to the huge global markets. We are proud to be one of the few companies invested time and energy in creating truly reliable thermal solutions with our Metal Clad Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs). Our various Intellectual Properties and Patents are a testimony to our efforts in building cutting edge solutions.

Now commonly used in LED lighting to increase longevity, our MCPCBs ensure reliability and play a major role in excellent heat dissipation. Our range of MCPBs is increasingly being recognized as an important energy-efficient component across all sectors including the automotive and power industries.

It is our unique innovations that have earned us respect in the industry. For example, Opulent developed its insulated metal substrates more than eight years ago after recognizing a gap in the market for such a quality product. Reputable LED makers have enrolled Opulent as their long-term Solution Partner.

Today, we do not only manufacture IMS but also hold several key patents to provide better heat dissipation. It is precisely our focused and in-depth understanding of IMS that enables us to provide good thermal solutions as a foundation for solving heat problems.