Products & Services

Our Services and/or Product Offerings

We can take customer’s ideas and engineer the idea into a manufacturable solution. Designing from scratch to build an ODM product is well within our capabilities. We do a host of OEM projects and has proven track records in delivering these solutions to many reputable global MNC companies.

In summary, a comprehensive range of services that covers basic printed circuit boards to enabling light engines with the right thermal from conceptualization to actualization of PCBA to final box build products.

Our Products

We specialise in design and manufacture with our patented technology, offering a wide range of products and services:
• SSL Light Engines
• SSL Products or ODM Light Products
• Box Built or ODM Industrial Products

Business Models

Over the years, we have created a variety of operational models that focuses on producing high quality products to ensure customer meet market availability timely.

Our models revolve around availability ensuring fast and timely delivery of products. These were created using modern manufacturing paradigms such as end-to-end manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing and High Traceability. We have built extraordinary reliability and business risk management into our processes.