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Our experiences started from 1988, and over the years we have created many solutions that resolve customers’ application issues. We continue to learn and have continued to innovate and create improvements on processes, techniques, quality on our printed circuit board manufacturing.

We manage from customers’ ideas from schematics to Gerber to sample and finally mass production. Depending on applications, our circuitry layouts are backed by state of the art Mentor Graphics software and accumulated layout experiences especially in noise management or electro magnetic control.

Opulent earned its recognition in the global arena, thanks to the excellence achievement over 20 years of conventional board manufacturing. The Opulent brand is synonymous with quality, accuracy and reliably when it comes to PCB assembly. We have deep expertise in assembling complex PCB layouts. Our production capability supports a wide range of PCB’s from single side board up to 24-layer boards.

Opulent has a certified RoHS compliance manufacturing environment. Our range of surface finishes includes HALF, OSP and Immersion Gold. We have also developed a rare Silver Plate finishing line to be used specifically for MCPCB in LED array application for the unique requirement of the LED maker.

We are committed to staying at the cutting edge of the best and the latest in PCB technology.