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Professional Services Dedicated to Solid State Lighting

At Opulent, we offer professional services for Solid State Lighting (SSL) manufacturing. We have dedicated facilities that cater exclusively to SSL product assembly. Some of the features of our facilities are as follows:

  • Facilities Designed For Performing Aging Test For Light Engine And SSL Products
  • Low-Current LED Testing Fixtures And Equipment
  • Sub-Binning Capabilities
  • Thermal Testing Expertise From LED To Module Level
  • SMT Line Designed For LED Assembly
  • Full Traceability
  • Optics Design And Test Capabilities
  • Dialux Simulation
  • Testing Equipments
    Lighting Performance Test :
    • Goniophotometer: To measure Luminous Intensity, Total Luminous, Flux, Spread Angle, Illuminance (lux) etc.
    • Spectroradiometer: To measure Luminous Flux, Luminous Efficacy, Chromaticity Co-ordinate, CCT, and CRI.
    Electrical Performance Test :
    • AC/DC Power Hi-Tester : To power up the SSL in ‘Operating Life Test’ and ‘Power Cycle Test’.
    • Memory Hi-Logger : To monitor the temperature and voltage status during ‘Operating Life Test’.
    • Programmable AC Source : To generate required input power for ‘Product Electrical Performance Test’
    • DC Electronic Load : To simulate test load for ‘LED Driver Electrical Performance Test’.
    Safety Performance Test :.
    • Leakage Current Tester : To measure leakage current of SSL driver/lamp to meet safety requirement.
    • Hi-Pot/IR/GB Tester : To perform ‘Insulation Resistance Test’, ‘Electric Strength (Hi-Pot) Test/Ground Bonding Test’ to meet safety requirement.
    • Optical Output Flickering Meter : To measure optical output flickering as per PSE standards.
    Thermal Design Analysis : read more
    • Thermal Transient Tester : To evaluate the Thermal Resistance vs Electrical and Optical parameter for thermal materials.
    EMC Immunity Pre-compliance Test :
    • Harmonics & Flickering : To conduct ‘Harmonics & Flickering Test’ as per IEC61000-3-2, 3-3 standards.
    • Burst/EFT, Surge and Voltage Dips/Interruptions/Variations Test system : To conduct tests as per IEC61000-4-4, 4-5, 4-11 standards
    • Magnetic Field Test System : To conduct ‘Magnetic Field Test’ as per IEC61000-4-8 standards.
    Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber :
    • Harmonics and Flickering : To conduct ‘Harmonics and Flickering Test’ as per IEC61000-3-2, 3-3 standards.
    • Temperature and Humidity Chamber : To conduct SSL ‘High Temp/Humidity Operating Life Test’, ‘Low Temp Operating Life Test’, ‘High Temp/Humidity Storage Test’
    • Thermal Shock Chamber: To conduct ‘Thermal Shock Test’ for determining parts or components in sudden significant change of temperatures.
    • SSL Walk-In Chamber : To conduct ‘SSL Operating Life Test’ and  ‘Lumen Maintenance Test’ as per LM-80 standards.

End to End Manufacturing/Availability Business Model

Our models revolve around availability ensuring fast and timely delivery of products. These were created using modern manufacturing paradigms such as End-to-end manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing and High Traceability. We have built extraordinary reliability and business risk management into our processes.

In a highly competitive environment creation of Value is quintessential to success. Such models are backed by real life data to show business success for all involved with this model.